What's a Hillbilly Treasure?

I suppose now-a-days they call it "Re-Purposing." Where I come from...you call it "Making it do with what ya got!"

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worth Keeping!

I'd like to introduce you My RePurposed Life. She is my inspiration for turning trash into treasure. One of my favorite things she has made is a
HEADBOARD BENCH. I didn't get permission to copy her photo, (she has alot of followers, and I really didn't want to bother her), so please follow the link:
Headboard Bench Tutorial

Here is our headboard that we no longer use:

Someday when my DH gets time, it will become a bench. I can't wait! He is anxious to start working on it as well. But first we have to take this off:

I have a very good explanation for it. REALLY I do!
I have terrible allergies, so I think my entire life I've always slept with a roll of toilet paper. Why not? It's much cheaper than tissues! So, one year for Christmas, my husband actually got me this toilet paper holder to mount on the side of the bed for my roll of TP! It is very special to me, so at least the spindle part will go down in my box of special things that my husband has given me. The toilet spindle right next to the  pressed rose...YEP, now THAT is a Hillbilly Treasure worth keeping!!


  1. I just found your blog through My Repurposed Life and you hooked me with the first post I read. You have a new follower now.

  2. Why, thank you Granny J! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Silly girl! You don't need my permission to use a picture! A link is all that I ask. You did that! :)
    you cracked me up with your comment Pop or Soda! :)
    here it is Coke... no matter whether it is pepsi, mtn dew, etc. We say do you want a coke?
    tp holder on the headboard! awesome! My jamie is the same way, although she uses tissues. when she visits, she knows she has to go to the bathroom to use tp cause her momma doesn't buy tissues!
    can't wait to see your bench!

  4. I just came over to say "hey neighbor" from I Owe it All to Him....Hope you're having a blessed day and tp holder is so funny!