What's a Hillbilly Treasure?

I suppose now-a-days they call it "Re-Purposing." Where I come from...you call it "Making it do with what ya got!"

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worth Keeping!

I'd like to introduce you My RePurposed Life. She is my inspiration for turning trash into treasure. One of my favorite things she has made is a
HEADBOARD BENCH. I didn't get permission to copy her photo, (she has alot of followers, and I really didn't want to bother her), so please follow the link:
Headboard Bench Tutorial

Here is our headboard that we no longer use:

Someday when my DH gets time, it will become a bench. I can't wait! He is anxious to start working on it as well. But first we have to take this off:

I have a very good explanation for it. REALLY I do!
I have terrible allergies, so I think my entire life I've always slept with a roll of toilet paper. Why not? It's much cheaper than tissues! So, one year for Christmas, my husband actually got me this toilet paper holder to mount on the side of the bed for my roll of TP! It is very special to me, so at least the spindle part will go down in my box of special things that my husband has given me. The toilet spindle right next to the  pressed rose...YEP, now THAT is a Hillbilly Treasure worth keeping!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Those of you that follow my Hillbilly Housewife blog might just be thinking...Why in the world is she blogging again if she can't keep up with the one she's got. Well, to my credit, I can't help it when the new hometown can't get the internet hooked up..and when they finally do..my computer gets a virus!

To those of you that don't follow the other blog. HOWDY! I'm just a crazy Hillbilly, that has alot of irons in the fire and tries to keep up with all of them. The hardest to keep up with is about 5 months old..and he pretty much runs the show. It's up to him if I have a productive day or not!

Now, about this blog...and why it's seperate from the other one. Recently, in all my blog hopping, I've stumbled across re-purposing, and I've fallen in love. I have a few treasures that I've come across that we will be working on, and that is what this blog is all about. This will be a simple blog. Pretty much just a before and after type of thing, once we get up and going.

I've even gone so far as to open a seperate etsy shop called Hillbilly Treasures. Currently there isn't much there, except some denim jeans and neckties I re-purposed into aprons. (But please take a look. I think they are cute.) I have A LOT of denim to list on etsy as I've been re-purposing it for awhile, but have been saving it for the right time to sell it. The photos on this blog today show my own personal Hillbilly Apron.

In the future, I have a large variety of things I plan on listing. Re-purposing takes time. I try to use mostly up-cycled materials, so they are sometimes slowly collected. In my next blog, I will show you some 'treasures' that I am hoarding, waiting to make them into just the right thing!

For Hillbilly fun, please come on over and visit MY OTHER BLOG! Also, my HILLBILLY WIFE etsy shop is a nice place to visit if you've got a minute.